2021 Footjoy Hyperflex Golf Shoes Review

2021 Footjoy Hyperflex Golf Shoes Review

When it comes to golf shoes, there’s always two attributes which seem to be in direct competition with each other, stability and comfort. Stability requires a certain amount of rigidity, and comfort requires a certain amount of softness, and the two seldom go hand in hand. However the new FootJoy HyperFlex golf shoes seems to have worked some kind of magic as these are some of the most comfortable golf shoes I’ve every tested, while also being stable enough to give me plenty of confidence out on the course.

Style and Design

The new Footjoy Hyperflex won’t be for everyone, regardless of how well they perform out on the golf course. The looks will be devise. They have been released as a traditional laced version, which are slightly more reserved than their BOA counterpart. However if you want the best fit from these shoes, you’ll really need to consider the BOA version.

Two of the laced versions of the Footjoy Hyperflex

With the sporty styling and mesh upper the looks of the shoe are very modern. On the BOA version, the large amount of the upper that gets pulled across the shoe can make them look a little overly casual for some. However the upper hasn’t been designed just for the looks. Footjoy have worked very closely with BOA to create a shoe that is very comfortable but also lock your foot in place. The disc fastener at the heel of the shoe pulls the large part of the upper across the top of the foot, and gives a very close locked in fit, while remaining very comfortable, almost like a pair of slippers!

The BOA disc at the heel tightens the upper across the forefoot.
The BOA system pulled the upper right across your foot and locks it in place

Not only is the upper soft and flexible, but it’s waterproof too. And I don’t just mean the upper is waterproof, the fastening system on the boa version is too. You can see in my video review not a single drop of the 300ml of water I poured over them made it through to my sock!

Fit and Feel

The FootJoy HyperFlex fit very close to your foot. However it remains very comfortable as the upper is nice and soft. The shoe seems to run slightly large, so you may benefit from going half a size down, although personally I was happy going true to size.

It’s also important to highlight just how comfortable these shoes are underfoot. Footjoy’s new Stratofoam has been designed specifically for the golf course, to give a good amount of comfortable, stability and responsiveness. I’ve got to say that in the Hyperflex the midsole foam feels very soft indeed. These are one of the most comfortable pairs of golf shoes I’ve tried in a very long time. But what’s even more impressive is the fact they remain very stable too.

There’s a nice amount of padding on the shoe. Given the closer sock like fit, there’s no need for loads around the tongue and ankle, but the knitted collar feels good and helps with the sporty look.


Usually an incredibly comfortable golf shoe may not be the most stable. However, the Footjoy Hyperflex remains very stable by combining some very clever design aspects. Firstly, the TPU outsole is incredibly thin, which means you feel nice and connected to the ground. The outsole also features a unique split design, which means the shoes feel very flexible underfoot and moves with you while walking and during your swing. Combine this with the impressive fastening system on the BOA versions on the shoe and you have a very comfortable AND stable golf shoe.


The seven spikes on the outsole work well with lightweight split sole. There are a few TPU nubs on the sole which help provide some additional traction. What I find impressive is that these spiked golf shoes almost feel spikeless. The outsole really does a great job of helping you feel close and connected to the ground.

The Footjoy HyperFlex is set to be another great shoe in the Footjoy lineup. If you can handle the unique looks, these could be the most comfortable spiked golf shoes you ever own. You can buy them from Footjoy here.