Footjoy Tour X Golf Shoes Review

Footjoy Tour X Golf Shoes Review

Footjoy Tour X Golf Shoes

These are brand new Footjoy shoes for 2020, and let’s just start off by saying these are the most stable golf shoes I’ve ever played in! 

Footjoy golf shoes are usually known for their stability and comfort, and the Tour X doubles down on both these areas.   They’ve taken all the best parts from their Tour S, Fury and DNA Helix shoes and combined them to make the Tour X seriously comfortable golf shoes.  Footjoy have utilised the Powerplate sole from the Tour S, as well as an updated version of the powerstrap to provide unrivalled levels of stability.  

The Ortholite fitbed and 3D collar seen in the extremely comfortable Footjoy Fury golf shoes have been used to provide a similar level of comfort here.  And the same Chromoskin leather seen in the DNA helix (as well as the incredible Pro/SL) has been used to ensure the Footjoy Tour X are waterproof, lightweight and most importantly – COMFORTABLE!  These could be early contenders for the best golf shoes of 2020. What a way to start the year!