Mizuno Wave Cadence Golf Shoes 2020 Review

Mizuno Wave Cadence Golf Shoes 2020 Review

Mizuno have updated their spikeless golf shoe for 2020, keeping their wave plate technology in the midsole, but updating the upper to help further improve the stability of this impressive shoe.

Here’s my video preview of the new Mizuno Wave Cadence golf shoes

As we’re currently in lockdown here in the UK due to Covid-19, I haven’t been able to get out on the course to give these new Mizuno golf shoes a full review. However, I have spent some time wearing them around the house and on my daily walks around the park, so I am able to give you my initial thoughts on the shoes, as well as highlight some of the key features of the shoe, some that have been carried over from previous models and some that are new.

So what’s new?

First of all, we have to start with the upper. Mizuno have used thier soft-touch Kuraray upper which is breathable and waterproof to 20,000mm (not that I plan on testing it to that level!). The Kuraray material has been bonded to a textile upper material below, so that the inside of the shoe feels nice and soft. The textile material continues round to the heel, ankle and tongue areas, which also provide significant padding.

The shoe is in fact a one-piece ‘booty’ construction. This means the tongue is connected to the sides of the shoe, which offers a more locked down and secure fit. The combination of the ample padding, along with the booty construction, means this is a very comfortable pair of golf shoes around the heel, ankle and upper of the shoe. The booty construction can make it a little tricky to get the shoes on if you’ve got bigger feet or limited ankle movement, but you do get used to it after a while…and the additional feeling of comfort more than makes up for it.

I’ve not yet had the opportunity to test the upper on a really hot day, as I’m curious to see how breathable the Kuraray upper actually is. Apart from the ‘tongue’ which is made from the textile material, there’s no ventilation holes on the sides.

Running around the course

As referenced earlier, Mizuno are using their wave technology, usually found in their running shoes, for the midsole of this golf shoe. The midsole is made up of a wave shaped piece of plastic stretching from the heel to the midfoot, and is sandwiched by two pieces of EVA foam. The foam helps provide cushioning while the plastic adds stability. The toe of the shoe is then just a piece of foam for additional cushioning.

How Mizuno Wave technology works

Mizuno use this technology in their running shoes to help provide much needed stability to runners, along with high levels of energy return, to it really feels like you have a spring in your step when you run.

However, when out on the course, you don’t do much running, but many will benefit from a stable shoe, given the extreme forces that can be applied during the swing.

Mizuno wave plate

I’ve yet to use the shoes out on the course, but my initial thoughts when using the shoe for walks is that it certainly feels stable, but it also not the softest shoe underfoot. That’s not necessarily a problem, however, if you compare the shoe to something like the Adidas CodeChaos which uses a full length boost midsole, you can tell the difference. Some golfers find Adidas boost shoes too soft, while others love the cloud like feeling they provide, so you’ll definitely want to check these out for yourself. All in all, I don’t think I’ll have a problem wearing these shoes all day out n the course. They still feel soft…just not ‘boost’ soft.

Keep on running…

Sometimes, spikeless golf shoes can leave you feeling flat footed, but not these.

While still considering the way the new Wave Cadence feels on feet, I just wanted to highlight the sporty feel of the shoe. By that I mean while walking in shoe, it really felt springy and responsive, more like a running training than a golf shoe. While out and about on the streets, the combination of the wave midsole, and the layout of the sole feels very positive when I walk, powering me forward into the next step. Sometimes, spikeless golf shoes can leave you feeling flat footed, but not these.

The sole uses a carbon rubber compound in the high stress areas to help increase the life of the shoes. The traction pattern is also quite aggressive, so should provide a good level of grip no matter the conditions.

The Kuraray upper also helps add much need support, so I have no worries about using these out on a golf course. But the upper does also feel a little stiff across the toe box, so I’m keen to see whether it breaks in after a few rounds.


So far I’m really impressed with the new Mizuno Wave Cadence golf shoes. They’re a sport looking spikeless golf shoe, with plenty of technology to back up the looks. The booty construction gives a great locked down fit while remaining comfortable. The wave midsole coupled with the Kuraray upper in hoping to provide all the stability you need while out on the course, and these new versions are now waterproof too! This is shaping up to be a great 2020 spikeless golf shoe, and I’ll update the post once I’ve had more of a chance to test them out.

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