Puttout Pressure Putt Trainer Review

Puttout Pressure Putt Trainer Review

If you’re looking for a putting training aid that’s effective, portable, affordable and most importantly fun, then the Puttout Pressure Putt Trainer is for you. With so many golfers wanting (needing) to improve their putting statistics, Puttout have come up with the perfect way for golfers of all abilities to improve their skills.

Design and usability

If you’ve never seen the training aid before, it may not look like much to begin with, and that’s on purpose. The team at Puttout started out as product designers, but not in the golf sector. Their years of experience has honed their skills in product design to allow them to come up with this golf training aid.

The Pressure Putt Trainer is made up of a rubber base connected to a plastic ramp, which has an optional cut out section mid-way up the ramp, which is also hinged…but we’ll talk more about this devilish little divot later. The two connecting pieces are hinged so the trainer folds up nice and flat, so can easily be stored at home or even in your golf bag. The rubberised base has a grip section on the bottom so it won’t move when a ball hits it, and it can be used on carpet, practice mats, or even on putting greens. The grip on the underside also tapers off towards the front of the ramp, so the unit will sit flat on the floor.

The rubberised base is the same size as a regulation golf hole, so the fundamental idea of the aid is to putt your ball towards the trainer. Due to the specific design of the ramp (a parabolic curve for all you maths geniuses out there…I bet you calculate your strokes gained don’t you?) a ball will hit the cup, travel up the ramp and return it back towards you the same distance it would’ve gone past the hole. What’s great about the design is that any putt that’s hit too hard or offline will fall off the back on the ramp and won’t be returned to you, effectively mimicking a putt that would’ve lipped out on the course.

Just one more putt…

This simple but effective feedback solution is addictive, because the training is giving you real time feedback that you can apply to the way golf actually works in the real world. With other training aids, if you hit your putt too hard, it’s doesn’t matter as there’s usually some kind of back stop. And thousands of people can vouch for how addictive this training loop can be. It’s very easy to turn your training session in to a game, as you’ll want to see how many putts you can make in a row, and from what distance. Also, I can safely say the Puttout has been used by thousands of non-golfers, as it looks like fun, and I bet any family member or friend seeing you practice will want a go.

But the addictiveness doesn’t stop there. Oh no. The Puttout Pressure Putt Trainer gets its name from that little cut out at the back of the ramp. For an added challenge, if you can hit your ball at exactly the right speed, and on the exact right line, your ball will seemingly defy gravity and stop in the hole midway up the ramp. Getting the ball to do so is no easy feat, so when you do, you genuinely feel an enormous amount of accomplishment…and that’s when you’re in trouble, as you’ll then just want to try to hit your next perfect putt, and the next, and the next.

The Perfect Putt

How many putts would a good putter putt if a good putter could putt good?

Personally, I combine the trainer with the Puttout mat, which has six 1ft markers, so when I practise, I start at the closest marker and won’t move on to the next until I’ve made a perfect putt. If I do it under 100 putts, I feel it’s been a successful session.

1ft at a time…

And this is the real key to the Pressure Putt trainer, it’s greater than the sum of its parts. For just £20, you’re not using it because it’s good value (although it is) nor because it looks cool (although it does) or because it’ll help improve your putting (which it will). You’ll be coming back because it’s fun and addictive. For any training to be truly effective, you have to work out a way to avoid getting bored. Here you can work on your putting but it won’t feel like ‘work’, and that’s the secret sauce that Puttout have developed here.


It’s rare to find many things in life that are perfect, but I’d go as far as saying the Pressure Putt Trainer is as close to perfect as it’s ever going to get. When it comes to golf training aids, there’s usually a limiting factor, whether it be price, size, build quality, or just the fact that it’s not much fun. The Pressure Putt Trainer addresses all these problems with ease, and sets the bar for fun and effective putting practice.

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