Stowamatic Cart Bag review

Stowamatic Cart Bag review

If you’re looking for a Stomatic cart bag review, then you’ve come to the right place. I’ve been using this golf bag for over four years, so I feel like I’m fully qualified to tell you all about it. If you’re looking for a cheap and sturdy trolley bag, then the Stowamatic could be the one for you.

The essential information

You can currently buy the Stowamatic golf bag on for £79.99, which is a great price for a cart bag. You can expect to pay well over £150 for a major branded one, so the Stowamatic represents something of a bargain. It weighs in at 3.1 kg, so it’s not the lightest bag you’ll ever use, but then does that really matter given that it’s going to be used either on the back of a golf cart or a push trolley went out on the course. The bag has plenty of space, which we’ll come onto later, And in my video included with this blog I’ve even shown how much I can actually fit in the bag (it’s a lot!). The bag has nine separate pockets, some big and some small, and has a sturdy plastic base. On the bed you have two separate places that you can store a golf umbrella, one on the front and one on the back, so you don’t have to worry about your brolly getting damaged by your golf trolley or buggy. The bag has a 14 club divider in the top which is well padded to ensure your club stay nice and safe. And there’s even a separate area to store your putter.

With its colour combination of black and green I think the bag certainly stands out and looks the part on the golf course. With different textured materials being used when you take a look up close I think the bag looks like its worth more than it’s £80 price tag. Being predominantly black it also means that it’s nice and easy to keep clean, and infect some of the materials used to make this even easier.


Generally the bag feels well made, using some different materials for different sections of the bag which gives it a nice looking feel. The 14 club divider on the version that I own didn’t run the full length of the bag but was certainly well padded and over the last four years has shown very little sign of wear, even though it’s been my main summer bag each year. However on the more slightly updated version currently on sale over at Amazon, the description does say that the club dividers are now full length although I haven’t been able to check the latest back to confirm this for myself. All of the zips are still in full working order and generally the bag looks in good condition. However I have recently noticed that some of the stitching on the log located on the side panels of the bag is beginning to fray, but to be fair after four years that’s to be expected given the amount of times it’s been moved in and out the boot of my car, rested against my golf trolley, and just generally lugged about.

Padded 14 club divider

One of the areas where money has certainly been saved on the Stowamatic is the carry strap. The strap has a decent amount of padding but doesn’t feel like it will be the most comfortable strap to carry the bag with over eighteen holes. However I’ve never had to use the strap but just keep it in the bag at all times in case of emergencies. One overall area where the bag feels somewhat cheap is the rain cover. The cover Attaches to the bag via some poppers as well as some Velcro, however the material is very lightweight and flimsy. Well this hasn’t been a problem for me personally as generally I just let my clubs get wet for the most part, if you’re looking for a bag to be totally waterproof in the rain then this isn’t it. A benefit of having such a lightweight cover is that it doesn’t take up much room within the bag so again like the strap I just keep it in the bag at all times, however I certainly don’t rely on it.

How much can you fit in the Stowamatic?

The main reason for wanting to use a cart bag is to be able to fit as much as possible in the bag so that you never run out of anything on the course. The stomatic has nine separate pockets of varying sizes, and over the years I’ve always managed to take everything I wanted with me out on the course when using the bag. On each side of the bag there are two deep pockets, Big enough to fit in your more bulky items such as rain jackets, Trousers, extra layers, food, drinks, and even trainers. I also keep the carry strap in one of these pockets just for emergencies. On one side of The bag you also have a dry pocket. This pocket has a plastic lining to help keep everything inside dry. I usually keep all of my golf clubs in his pocket as I certainly don’t want them to get wet. However the zip doesn’t seem to be particularly reinforced, so I wouldn’t guarantee that this pocket is waterproof, Although it’s never give me any problems in the past.

On the same side higher up you also have a valuables pocket. This is a felt line pocket where you can keep your phone watch and any other items that you wouldn’t want to get scratched. On the front of the bag you have three pockets. One is a very large deep pocket that I generally keep all of my spare golf balls and tees and other items in. Another at the top is a smaller more reinforced pocket which again can be used for valuables and other golfing knickknacks. And finally you have a drinks pocket as well. The drinks pocket is a good size and I can fit three 500 mL bottles of water in, and it’s lined with a plastic material which can help keep your drinks nice and cool.

On the other side of the bag as well as the deep pocket you also have another pocket on top of that one which again can be used for more random items. For me personally I keep things like suntan lotion and insect repellent spray in here. You also have another pocket which you can use to keep your scorecard safe.

Overall I think it’s fair to say that you can fit just as much in the Stowamatic cart bag as you can in any other cart bag available in the market.

General use

Theres a few other handy points that are good to know about the Stowamatic bag. Firstly there is plenty of spaces to attach additional items to the bag via sturdy metal hooks. There’s also plenty of Velcro points on the bag so that you can easily attach your glove when you take it off to put on the greens. They’re also to carry handles on the bag, a more traditional handle on the rear which is nice And sturdy making it easy to pick up the bag. There’s also then a sort of handle on the front of the bag which allows you to pick it up that way as well if you need to, usually to put it onto the trolley or the golf buggy.

Plenty of clips for adding towels and GPS units


After four years of using the Stowamatic cart bag, I’ve got to say that I’ve been very impressed with it. Initially when I bought the bag I was worried that it wouldn’t last very long due to its low price and frankly that it wouldn’t be very good. However aside from the cheap carry strap, which I don’t use anyway, and a very cheap rain cover, which again I don’t use anyway, I’ve been really impressed with a bag and it hasn’t put a foot wrong. I’ve used the bag up and down the country and it’s travelled hundreds if not thousands of miles with me and it still looks pretty much brand-new. I can fit loads of stuff in the bag electric it I think it looks pretty good too with its black and green colour way. If you’re thinking of purchasing the bag I’ve included the links to my Amazon associates account within this blog post.

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